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Investigator Listing

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama (Study PI, Statistical and Data Coordinating Center, Survey Research Unit, Outcomes Unit): 
George Howard DrPH
Virginia Howard PhD
Suzanne Judd PhD
Leslie McClure PhD 
David Rhodes BSN
Monika Safford MD                                               
Virginia Wadley PhD

University of Vermont (Central Laboratory): 
Elaine Cornell
Mary Cushman MD
Nancy Jenny MD
Neil Zakai MD
Wake Forest University (ECG Reading Center): 
Elsayed Z. Soliman,MD                                                                                
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Survey Methodology):
LeaVonne Pulley PhD
University of Cincinnati (Clinical Neuroepidemiology): 
Brett Kissela MD
Dawn Kleindorfer MD
Examination Management Services, Incorporated (In-Person Visits): 
Andra Graham
Kathy Gainer
Medical University of South Carolina (Migration Analysis Center):  Daniel Lackland DrPH 
Indiana University School of Medicine (Neuropsychology Center): Frederick Unverzagt PhD 
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health (funding agency): 
Claudia Moy PhD